Simply Irresistible

Simply Irresistible Salon carries two main professional hair care lines- Aquage and Goldwell. We carry and utilize these lines because of their quality and ability to achieve color safe manageability, vibrancy, shine, and healthiness for our clients' hair. Both lines can be used with all hair types. In addition, these can only be found in the finest, professional salons. We carry the full line of daily care, styling, finishing, and long term management tools.

innovative salon haircare with healing sea botanicals

Created by nature, Aquage products are obtained from the world's coastal waters. They contain natural ingredients extracted from 8 sea botanicals that help keep hair hydrated, strong, healthy, and beautiful. They help heal while keeping pollutants away. The Aquage fragrance has a clean, fresh scent that provides a calm, relaxed state of mind!

closer to stylists closer to hair

Goldwell is known for their "innovative instant microfluid technology". This is an ultra-fine fluid that is evenly distributed on the hair. This technology guarantees noticeable results that can be immediately SEEN and FELT. Goldwell has a pleasantly light, fruity fragrance. The Goldwell Dualsenses line tailors to all hair types and leaves hair soft, vibrant, and simply beautiful!